Hello there and welcome to my little place on the internet!

Lee RenderThe name’s Lee Render and I’m a bit of graphic designer with speciality towards public transport – buses and trains – but can also turn my hand to other pieces of work – hey why limit yourself.

I’ve been sort of dealing with graphic design, by sort of stumbling into back in 2003, before taking a more professional stance on it having had incorporated into a former job role in 2006 and intervening time, turning my hand to some quite professional pieces of work.

At the present time, I’m taking a small career break from mainstream employment, and undertaking freelance work, but I’ve been fortunate in being able to work with:

  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority – more commonly referred to as ‘Metro’ – where I undertook a lot of my formative design work adaption, even bringing a cost saving to the business and now under take some freelance projects on their behalf.
  • First TranPennine Express – though a secondment arranged through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority
  • London Midland – seeing an opportunity to develop other skills away from design and more to do with devising and implementing communications and marketing plans for major improvement projects
  • Myles Leask – Fitness model and Level 3 Qualified PT, worthy friend to whom I’ve ventured my first pieces of freelance work and undertaken work on updating his fitness guides
  • Arriva Rail North (T/a Northern) – since the start of the 2017 Industrial relations issues with the RMT, I’ve been undertaking the process of creating bespoke, comprehensive staff briefing packs for their East area of operations.

I’m passionate when it comes to getting the design right for the need of it purpose and as, primarily a customer information designer, the eye of the customer and therefore putting the customer first. A Cliché for some but it’s true, try to imagine being in their shoes and they’d like to be given the information

Yes, there’s a fine art of balancing the need and the want, but why should that timetable, poster, leaflet look ‘standard’ or ‘boring’ when in fact these are shop windows to a business they should be a work of beauty and simply carry the message to their intended audience.

But design work aside, I might surprise you here..but I’m also a level 2 Security Industry Authority (SiA) Qualified Door Supervisor!